Responsible Gambling

Spending Controls

Making sure all of our Cheekies play safe, stay in control and keep the fun rolling is our main goal. That’s why we’ve put in place different responsible gambling tools that are fast and simple to set up. Fancy checking them out?

Deposit Curfew

Do you believe that you bet more impulsively at a particular time or on a certain day? It’s not uncommon, but you can help curb the risk with a Deposit Curfew. This lets you control when you deposit funds by blocking yourself from doing so on or during certain dates or hours. So, if gambling on a Saturday night concerns you most, stop yourself by placing a Deposit Curfew for that time.

We’ve made arranging a Deposit Curfew easy for our Cheekies. Just log in and go to ‘My Account > Settings > Gambling Controls > Spending Controls > Curfew'. Then, you can decide when you want to stop yourself from depositing.

Remember, a Deposit Curfew only stops you from depositing and it will not affect when you can spend what is already in your Balance. So, if you have funds in your account before arranging a Deposit Curfew, you can still play them.

If you want, you can set up a Curfew now.

Max Stake Limit

Perhaps you are more concerned about how much you bet when you play. If so, you can also set up a Max Stake Limit. This lets you select the highest amount that you can place per spin on a slot, which is handy if you love to play, but also want to stick to a budget. Don’t forget that Max Stake Limits will not affect how much you can bet overall on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. They only cap your spend on each spin.

After you arrange a Max Stake Limit, you can lower it instantly. But, if you want to increase it, there’s a 24-hour cooling-off period. Otherwise, you can amend or get rid of your Max Stake Limit whenever you feel like it.

Set a Max Stake now, if you want.

Deposit limits

Perhaps you fancy controlling how much you bet on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis. If that’s the case, Deposit Limits are perfect for you. Deposit Limits can let you play 24/7, just with a spending cap in place. This differs from Deposit Curfews, as Deposit Limits are more about controlling HOW MUCH you play, while the other is more concerned with WHEN you play.

Basically, if you enjoy swinging by for a game whenever you fancy, but have some worries over not breaking your budget, a Deposit Limit might be ideal.

As soon as you set up a Deposit Limit, we can put in place any request to lower your limit immediately. But, if you have a Deposit Limit arranged and want to boost it, we’ll need more details first and then it’ll activate after 24 hours.

Try setting up a deposit limit.

This page was last reviewed and updated: October 2020