Responsible Gambling

Our Policy

It’s got to be fun if it’s going to be Cheeky! Our Cheeky Bingo team takes responsible gambling very seriously and we want all our Cheekies to feel safe and in control every time they fire up a game. How do we do this? With our ‘Changing for the Bettor’ strategy.

Here are the seven main points that help ‘Changing for the Bettor’ create a safer place to play:

  • Understanding the problem and best solutions: began a five year, multi-million-dollar project with the Division on Addiction, Cambridge Health Alliance (a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital).
  • Educating our key stakeholders: supporting youth education programmes with gambling charities alongside state-school awareness campaigns.
  • Promoting responsible attitudes: leading the industry on agreeing on responsible marketing campaigns.
  • Empowering customers:using algorithms and gambling controls to prevent gambling harm.
  • Funding treatment for those in need: increasing how much we donate to research, education and treatment on problem gambling from 0.1% to 1% of gross gaming revenue (GGR).
  • Championing responsible product design: making more responsible product designs.
  • Driving cultural change in our business: ensuring that a safer gambling approach underpins everything we do at Cheeky Bingo.
This page was last reviewed and updated: October 2020